Create a customer-centric web portal.

Have you noticed that in-car gadgets have been getting more and more complex? If so, you can thank the poor interfaces that are being built into vehicles. They are known to be unresponsive and especially cluttered which has been turning tasks that were previously effortless into difficult processes. With that in mind, we wanted to keep at least one thing simple for drivers – buying a Toyota. Being one of the agencies that handles the entire digital scope of Toyota HK, we were tasked with building an exceptional website in terms of UX/UI. There was also a requirement for consistency with Toyota’s overall branding, while gearing it towards the Hong Kong market. Essentially, the goal was to create a user-centered website that would induce greater sales in this market.

Maintaining strict brand guidelines.

As one of the leading global automobile companies, Toyota needed to maintain a consistent cutting-edge image on all fronts. The Toyota HK website was no exception. With strict brand guidelines and design requirements to adhere to, a keen eye for detail was needed. The deliverable was to be benchmarked against a global standard and the company expected nothing less. Since the frontend was very specific, the main challenge was getting creative at the backend in terms of programming and functionality. Behind all of this work was the intention of delivering an exceptional user experience.


467% sales increase in Hong Kong markets.

At each stage of the process, we conducted usability optimization tests to ensure we were on track. In the end, Toyota HK’s website was delivered with an emphasis on high quality UX/UI design. As a partner of Kentico, a content management system, we used this platform to build the site and connect it with Toyota’s global headquarters.

All the features you could need when buying a vehicle were included. Users have the ability to browse various vehicle models, find a local Toyota dealer and more. You can even build your customized Toyota to determine the cost of different features and the whole ensemble. Other relevant brand content can be found on the website to deepen user experience. This includes educational information related to the general car buying process.

With our help, Toyota HK’s main website faced a drastic improvement in performance. Starting with an 1100% increase in traffic that eventually led to a 467% increase in sales is enough to prove it - all thanks to the right blend of features and functionality.

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Joining forces with the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), we aimed to increase customer usage of its mobile app. Executed through agile methodology, several iterations were tested. Prior to this, we interviewed customer responses that helped to guide the process. The outcome was centred on four primary functions necessary to deliver a complete, convenient and simple banking solution. Now, ADIB offers banking on-the-go that users can truly enjoy.

100% New Zealand

How do you know a campaign is a huge success? Well, you’ll surely know when the whole nation wants its national flag to represent that campaign’s logo. This is exactly what happened with the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign and we were tasked with creating the main online portal for it. This would provide access to the digital side of the campaign. Providing everything a potential tourist would need to know about the country, the website’s got it all. Did we mention that it has even won international awards too?


Servicing an assortment of banking and financial endeavours for IBM IX throughout the MENA region, a particularly intriguing one is the open-source Hyperledger project. Collaborating with an open network of contributors, the project aims to “bring blockchain technologies forward to mainstream commercial adoption”. Our team teaches agile methodology to help progress the collective effort, while learning from those we work alongside.

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